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About David

A child of the 90’s & a son of Dublin, David has become a recognisable & inspirational figure in mental health advocacy in this country. His unique approach to keeping awareness fresh & open dialogue alive through sport as a means of physical & mental betterment has brought him along with friends, family & strangers alike to building incredible fundraising campaigns on the back of audacious tests of endurance.

These well thought out challenges have stood as perfect symbolism for our attitudes & understanding when it comes to mental illness & mental health in society today. 10 marathons in 10 days on a running track? The perfect expression for the pain, monotony & never ending feelings one may associate with low mood or depression.

As well as testing the limits of human performance, David has written with honesty & integrity about his experiences in dealing with low mood, depression & suicide ideation as a result of being bullied in school & later mugged with a syringe held to his neck aged 14.

He has had emotive copy featured in The Irish Times Online, Joe.ie & A Lust For Life; including the poetic monologue ‘I Sprained My Mental Health’ with captures perfectly divisive empathy & compassion when it comes to physical & mental injury. The piece continues to be shared online today.

With a degree in English & Journalism & further qualifications in Strength & Conditioning Psychology, David works with the following mantra; ‘The Effort Is The Reward’, promoting excitement, pride & focus in the journey towards the end-goal for those he works & communicates with

He has previously volunteered on the helplines with Teenline Ireland.

David has run his own fitness studio & for over a decade coached at the top level in football with Airtricity League club Shelbourne FC; working with a mix of elite youth players & senior pro male & female athletes.

On top of extensive coaching & advocacy work, David has worked in Business Development in financial services & FMCG retail.